H.E. SHU Zhan, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda took questions from Rwanda Focus
Q:Will China also be planning to act the way other donors to Rwanda's budget have done by suspending its aid? What's China's position on this story (Concerning Rwanda's relations with Congo?)

China always listens to the opinions of all parties, especially the local people. We believe that Africans are good at solving their differences by their own ways and we support their efforts. A Chinese saying goes like that, "Even a wisest judge finds it difficult to settle quarrels among sisters and brothers."

The assistance from China to African countries is a little mutual help among friends that are not so wealthy. It's a way to help Rwandan and African people to strengthen their capacity of developing their own countries.

Q:Talking about China's aid to Rwanda, how much or what form of aid is Rwanda expecting from China for the financial year 2012/2013? Can Rwanda rely on China as an everlasting friend?

China's assistance to Rwanda mainly focuses on energy, roads, agriculture and agro-industry projects, according to Rwandan's needs. We want to help Rwandan people shake off poverty and live a better life.

The aid and concessional loans from China for the financial year 2012/2013 will not be less than that of last year, and the amount shall gradually increase in the future as China's capacity grows.

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