The First Seminar on China Human Resources Development Training Programs to Rwanda Was Held Successfully

On December 4th, 2019, the first Seminar on China Human Resources Development Training Programs to Rwanda was successfully held in Kigali. His Excellency RAO Hongwei, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda, attended the event and delivered a speech. Mr. Zephanie Niyonkuru, Deputy CEO of Rwanda Development Board, Mr. Costantin Rukundo, Commissioner of Rwandan Patriotic Front, Heads of the human resource development departments of relevant institutions as well as about 200 trainee representatives attended the seminar.


Ambassador RAO Hongwei said that China and Rwanda have carried out fruitful cooperation on human resources development in recent years. During the Chinese presidential visit to Rwanda in July 2018, the two heads of state witnessed the signing of an MOU on human resource development cooperation, which marked a new milestone in the evolution of the human resources development cooperation between two countries. In 2019, China Human Resources Training Programs made significant breakthrough in Rwanda. 353 Rwandan personnel benefited from the training programs hosted by the Chinese Government, reaching a historic record level.

Ambassador RAO Hongwei said that Rwandan people are striving for the Vision 2050, aiming at higher income and higher living standards. China will continue to deepen cooperation with Rwanda in human resources development, provide Rwanda with more training opportunities and nurture Rwandan talents urgently required in various areas. China wishes more and more Rwandans benefit from China-Rwanda human resources development cooperation.


Mr. Costantin Rukundo, Commissioner of Rwandan Patriotic Front highly appreciated the human resources training program hosted by the Chinese Government to Rwanda. He said that China has been helping Rwanda achieve independent and sustainable development by the way of teaching people how to fish. Through these training programs, Rwanda learned the valuable experience in running the Party and State from the Communist Party of China, which provided useful references for the construction of Rwandan Patriotic Front.


Mr. Zephanie Niyonkuru, Deputy CEO of Rwanda Development Board spoke highly of the positive effects of the China Human Resources Development Training Programs, expressed appreciation to the Chinese Government for its long-standing strong support to Rwanda and wished to further strengthen cooperation in the field of human resources between two countries.


The seminar was filled with warmth and harmony. Six trainee representatives expressed their gratitude to the Chinese Government hosting these training programs which they benefited greatly from. Rwandan participants attending the Seminar on E-commerce, Police and Law Enforcement, Satellite Applications also shared their experiences and harvests from studying in China via video.


In addition, Hon. Francoise UWUMUKIZA, Member of Parliament East African Legislative Assembly, who attended the 2017 China-Africa Political Parties Theoretical Seminar, sent a congratulatory letter to the Seminar, speaking highly of China's development achievements and the significance of China's training programs to Rwanda's economic and social development.

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