H.E. RAO Hongwei Met With the Inventor of Juncao Technology

On December 5, 2019, H.E. RAO hongwei, the Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda, met with professor Mr. LIN Zhanxi, inventor of Juncao technology and the chief scientist of the National Juncao Project Research Center in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.


Professor LIN introduced the current research and development of Juncao technology, its application and popularization in China and abroad, its future development prospect and the tentative ideas of technical cooperation with Rwanda. Ambassador RAO said, agricultural technical cooperation was an important part of China-Rwanda bilateral pragmatic cooperation. The development and application of Juncao technology has broad prospects and was of great significance to human agricultural development and poverty alleviation. The Embassy encouraged the research center to take a long-term view, identify the focus of its work, effectively coordinate and integrate the resources of different parties in stake, so as to make the Juncao technology contribute more to agricultural cooperation and poverty alleviation. The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda was ready to provide necessary support to this end.



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