Notice of the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda about implementation of non-cash payment for consular fees

To enhance the convenience and security of consular fee payment, from April 1st , 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda will no longer collect consular fees in cash (the consular fee refers to the fee that the applicant has to pay to apply for passport, visa, travel certificate, notarization, legalization and other consular services accepted by our Embassy). The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. After the applicant completes to apply for a consular service, a white pickup form and a "Payment Notice" will be delivered. Please go to the bank for payment according to the time limit indicated in the Payment Notice.

2. The Applicant go to any branch of I&M bank in Rwanda (The nearest outlet to the embassy is the headquarter of I&M Bank Rwanda Limited, address: 9, KN 3 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda), deposit payable fees in the designated account of our Embassy and keep the bank's deposit receipt well.

3. The applicant must pay the fee before the date of collecting the document, and the document can only be issued after our Embassy confirms that the amount is in the account. On the day of collecting the document, the payer may not collect the document on time because the payment has not reached the account.

4. Applicants must go to the Embassy to obtain the consular document on the date mentioned at the pickup form with the white pickup form and the original deposit receipt.

To ensure a smooth transition, non-cash payment in our Embassy will set up for a 10-day transition period, that is, from March 20th to March 31st, 2019, applicants can use both methods, bank payment and cash payment. Cash payment will stop on April 1st, and all payments shall be made through bank payment.                                

Hereby notified


                          The Consular department of the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda

                                 March 15th , 2019

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