Ambassador RAO Hongwei Held Discussion with the 20th Chinese Medical Team

On November 6th, 2019, H.E. RAO Hongwei, Ambassador of China to Rwanda, visited the 20th Chinese medical team at their residence and held discussion with them.

Ambassador RAO extended his welcome to the arrival of the 20th Chinese medical team, spoke highly of the efforts and contribution made by the Chinese medical teams to the China-Rwanda people-to-people friendship in recent years, and introduced the good momentum of the China-Rwanda relations as well as the national conditions of Rwanda. RAO said, currently the bilateral relations between China and Rwanda were at its best in history with cooperation and exchanges in all fields including flourishing. People-to-people exchanges was an important aspect in China-Rwanda relations. The Chinese medical teams have played a role of bridge connecting hearts of the two peoples and forging China-Rwanda friendship. Your work in Rwanda represented the image of the Chinese government. I hoped that you would uphold the glorious mission, and great responsibility, in line with the attitude of excellence in work so as to fully demonstrate the level of the Chinese medical experts, promote the image of the Chinese medical team and the bilateral relations at large. The Chinese Embassy would positively support your work in Rwanda.

The discussion proceeded in lively and amiable atmosphere. The Chinese medical experts thanked Amb. RAO for his warm words of care and entrustment. They shared their daily work and life experiences and feelings, expressed their determination to keep to the original aspiration and make persistent efforts to achieve a better working performance.

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