Remarks at the Reception Celebrating the 70th Anniversary  

  of the Founding of the People's Republic of China  

  (September 20th, 2019)  



  Excellencies and members of the diplomatic corps,  

  Distinguished guests,  

  Ladies and gentlemen,  

  Good Evening! Welcome to the Chinese Embassy. Thank you for joining us in this special event---celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. As we gather here now for the commemoration, we find the year 2019 is a significant year not only for China, but also for Rwanda, as well as for China-Rwanda relationship, because it also marks the 25th anniversary of Rwanda Liberation and the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Rwanda.  

  The establishment of new China 70 years ago inaugurated the most profound, extraordinary and splendid political, economic and social transformation in Chinese history. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have shown hardworking, determination, courage and perseverance in front of both opportunities and challenges. Starting from scratch, China builds up an independent and relatively complete industrial system and national economic system. While exploring ways to promote development, reform and opening-up, China embarks on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We have lifted over 700 million people out of poverty and achieved historic progress from struggling for subsistence to a moderately prosperous society in all aspects. Now China is the world’s second biggest economy and contributes an annual average of 30% to global economic growth. The Chinese people are closer than ever before to realizing the goal of national rejuvenation. The Chinese nation has stood up, grown rich and become strong, with leapfrogging national strength and international influence.   

  Meanwhile, we insist that China cannot develop by shutting itself from the world, nor can the world develop by shutting out China. As a major country as well as the biggest developing country, China has set an example by demonstrating the sense of responsibility and contributing more to world peace and development. China is committed to a community with a shared future for mankind through Belt and Road initiative, and is more than willing to share development opportunities and common prosperity with the rest of the world, especially African countries like Rwanda.     

  Dear Rwandan brothers and sisters,  

  On behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy, I really appreciate your presence today to share our happiness, excitement and achievement, just like we do during the 25th anniversary of Rwandan Liberation. As advocates of independent, open and inclusive development, both China and Rwanda aim at realizing our respective dreams. This shared bond has deepened our understanding of each other’s governance system. Since Rwanda gained its liberation on July 4 1994, under the leadership of President Kagame, the country has recorded successes in socio-economic development. It has been one of the fastest growing economies in Africathe most improved nation in human development in the worldthe fifth safest country to walk at night worldwideNo. 2 in Africa for the ease of doing businessNo. 1 for government transparency in Africa. Besides, Rwanda is a country with biggest number of women in Parliament and the lowest debt ratio in the region. As Rwanda’s partner, friend and brother, we are heartened to see these accomplishments and sincerely wish Rwanda greater success on its way forward.     

  Ladies and Gentlemen,  

  Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 48 years ago, both China and Rwanda have treated each other as equals with sincerity and friendship. Based on mutual trust and assistance, our friendship has stood the test of the changing international landscape. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s historic visit to Rwanda in July, 2018 has ushered our bilateral relations into a new era. Our two countries enjoy solid political mutual trust and support on issues concerning each other’s interests. Practical cooperation has been thriving through various joint projects ranging from infrastructure, agriculture, light manufacturing, mining, to health, digitalization and human resource. In the past five years, more than 50 Chinese companies registered in Rwanda with an investment value of $250million.   

  To be frank, the past year, to me and my staff at the Chinese Embassy, is truly a busy year of implementation. The consensus reached by our two Heads of State and outcomes of the FOCAC Beijing Summit have given wings to the building-up of the China-Rwanda community of  a shared future. Please allow me to share with you some of the newly-achieved highlights in China-Rwanda cooperation. In October last year, Alibaba Group launched the first Africa e-WTP in Kigali, enabling Made-in-Rwandaproducts to Chinese consumers through e-commerce platform. Last December, Agreement on Mutual Visa Exemption for Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports came into effect.  Last April witnessed the handover of the Rwandan Administrative Office Complexwhich is by far the largest China-assisted project here. In June 2019, RwandaAir launched its maiden directly flight between Kigali and Guangzhou, China, further facilitating the bilateral trade and personnel exchanges. Also in the same month, China and Rwanda: Effective Leadership is Key to Transformational Governance, the first ever book in history about China and Rwanda written by Rwandan people was published. We are pleased and proud that the training team from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army made contributions to the successful military parade at the 25th anniversary of Rwanda Liberation Day. Early this month, Governor YUAN Jiajun of Chinas Zhejiang Province alongside a 57-person business delegation was in Kagali, aligning local collaboration with Rwanda’s economic transformation aspirations.  

  Besides, people-to-people ties always hold the key to China-Rwanda relations and consolidate public support for our friendship. The exchanges in culture, education, youth and other fields bring the hearts of our two peoples closer. Tonight, we are honored and grateful to have Rwandan students from Fawe Girls School and the Confucius Institute, players from Rwanda Wushu Federation and artists from Intayoberana dancing group, to perform with the Chinese together. I promise you that their performances will be impressive and enjoyable.    

  Dear Friends,  

  As the Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda, Im confident that with the personal commitment and strategic guidance of our two leaders, China-Rwanda relations will see greater development at a higher level and in broader areas. Through the joint efforts with the Rwandan side, my colleagues and I will keep on injecting new impetus to our traditional friendship and all-round cooperation, producing fruitful results to the benefit of our peoples.   

  In conclusion, I would like to propose a toast,  

  To the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China,  

  To the sound and steady growth of China-Rwanda relations,  

  To the friendship and cooperation between our two peoples,